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Below you will find our current calendar for scheduled work. If you are a current client we are asking that you PLEASE be as patient as possible with us in regards to getting to your project. We understand that everyone is excited to have their project completed but there are many things that can cause delays in our scheduling including rain, complications, changes on the current project etc. 

We always do our absolute best to not offend or upset ANY client and we hope that the reason you chose us to do the work is worth the wait that you may have to incur. The only complaint that we ever receive is clients having to wait, never for the actual work we have done so I hope that in itself is a testament as to WHY the wait is well worth it. 

Thank you very much for your patience

 I just wanted to post a note for all of our clients that follow the project scheduling online and say thank you again for your continued flexibility with our scheduling. As a contractor that tries to meet everyones deadlines it gets a little frustrating when our schedule continually gets pushed back from the unexpected rain days that we receive. So in closing, THANK YOU!