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The Masons Touch was founded in 2002 and we have created numerous beautiful works of art comprised of stone and water ever since with only a short break from 2005-2007 while I was serving in the Army. 

We strive to provide the best possible service, quality, professionalism and overall interaction with every single client we take on. 

Our biggest complaint that we receive is the wait time that clients have. I do apologize for that WELL in advance but as our past clients know it is worth the wait. We have chosen to be a small company for one reason and that is the one on one interaction that we can have with each individual client we meet. We have very strong family values and that is a big value we have instilled into The Masons Touch. Many other companies have large overhead and employ numerous employees relying solely on those employees to represent the company. We don't rely on employees to represent us. I am the owner and installer and only hire on 1-2 employees to ensure that every job is done to MY standards. I am on every job from start to finish and you only interact with me so nothing gets lost in translation.

I look forward to hearing from you and look forward to working with you as well!

God Bless,